AED. 195.00
PE Rating - Spool Legth






SILKOCEAN - Premium PE line for Jigging (MultiColor Braid)

Silk Ocean PE line, an OceanDevil development of the finest quality of Japanese 8 strand fibers, with cutting edge technology that delivers the lowest braid diameter with the highest drag test on the market.


The Silk Ocean is an Eight-strand braided PE thread with smoothness and sensitivity Made of super-eight-strand weaving technology, it is made by a wire-reinforced process. The fiber is solid and even, achieving ultra-low stretch, showing high tensile performance, smooth surface coating, and improved wear resistance. With smoothness, sensitivity, and ultra-low ductility! The Braid is designed for Slow Pitch Jigging, the unique design of the braid allows the angler to deliver the rod pitch movements in unmatched accuracy, you pitch, the braid reacts and delivers the movement clearly without observing water and unnecessary stretch.


Silk Ocean is designed with five color patterns that change every 10 meters, the color change is known to assist in accurate jig placement in desired depths. 



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