Souls AirMatic Class Sardine 205 120g

AED. 322.00


Completely Made in Japan, and one of the most sought after lures you’d ever see …


The Souls AirMatic action is a dive/dart by pulling a bubble with this cup. This one's turn comes when there's no sign of Fish around ... Hell Raiser. The dive sound and the pulled foam leave a narrow airway in the lure wake. Of course the action of the plug main body is added to this.

Approximately half the rod action of the usual water entangling system lure can draw out sufficient lure action. Do not pull the rod tip long, dive and dart at a certain speed and take a pose of 2 to 4 seconds. And also let's take action, pause, it's irritating for Fish. As mentioned earlier, it is important to give a firm PAUSE time because the hit rate at this timing is high. 

Precautions for use
This product is a wood product. For the purpose of drawing out action with high buoyancy and sharpness, as a wood lure, we use soft material. 

Length: 205mm

Weight: 120g

Hooks: BKK GT Rex 5/0 (Belly & Tail)

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