Souls Performance Studio XVI Ocean's Level Class PS-076L2S

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Completely Made in Japan, and one of the most sought after rods you’d ever see …


The Souls Performance Studio Ocean's Level Class PS-076L2S, at lure Max 60g PE 2 and approximate leader 40lb, it’s absolute finesse targeting big fish. Target could be Mahi Mahi, Bonito, Yellowfin Tuna, Rainbow Runners etc etc.


The range of casting games in the Japanese ocean is increased and finished as one

"So we looked back at Chase, Ichiro SATO began as a pioneer in the tuna casting game, hooked on. In the beginning I wanted to fishing is 50 kg. And 80 kg, and 100 kg and....
Now, return to the origin of this series is that bluefin tuna is like fishing chromagrokiastingliterod polished idea precisely because with the latest technology. It is in performance Studio 16 oceans level series"


Model  Length Lure Weight Line Class Section Reel Seat/Grip
PS-076L2S 7'6" Max 60g PE2-3 1 & Grip DPS/EVA


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