Souls Performance Studio XVI OCEAN'S Power Class DRAGON II PS-O50PCS

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Completely Made in Japan, and one of the most sought after rods you’d ever see …

"It is a blank that I originally made for swimming in Canada expedition. 

With power being said to be the highest class and usually becoming shorter, it is said that it is difficult to distribute the force to blanks, realizing a lifting force that exceeds L12 with a shortness of 5 feet. 

Over 200kg hit the members of North Carolina in March, we were able to bring it up to 3m within 10 minutes. 

It is surprisingly lighter and thinner with low elastic carbon, and those who touched it have become a surprising finish for everyone. 

It is a super rod which can aim at record classes regardless of domestic and international"


Rod Weight: 362g

Model  Length Lure Weight Line Class Section Reel Seat/Grip
5'0" Max 180g PE12 1 DPS/EVA


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