Souls Seelaman 220 150g

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Completely Made in Japan, and one of the most sought after lures you’d ever see …

The Souls Seelaman 200mm 150g Stickbait Light reflected by a conventional rounded lure reflects light in a line shape.

This is also effective against tuna, but depending on the situation it may be more effective to increase appealing power with GT Fishing.

Especially when bay of a planar body such as Shiira is preyed. Give a flat part to the side part of the lure and draw out a large flashing effect.

Reflection of light on the surface stimulates bluefin tuna.

A large flashing effect has been proven to stimulate aggressiveness of bluefin tuna and GTs.

Length: 220mm

Weight: 150g

Hooks: BKK GT Rex 6/0 (Belly & Tail)

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