Strategic Angler CL Cruising Series S

AED. 398.00


Mackerel are a favorite baitfish in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.  Their oily flesh nourish a variety of pelagic predators from Bluefish to Striped bass, Tuna and Swordfish.  Their solid streamlined bodies and forked tail enable them to cruise efficiently in oxygen rich waters near the surface and depths down to 650 feet.  The Cruising series family of lures is designed with the Mackerel in mind due to its swimming action and range in depth.

The CRUISING series lures sink and swim with an enticing side to side wobble and tail kick, just like a cruising mackerel.




Swimming the Lure –  The Cruising Series does best with a moderate to fast retrieve with an occasional pause.  The pause enables the lure to sink to the feeding zone while the retrieve creates a side to side motion.  The cruiser’s strike appeal comes from its quick erratic action mimicking a disoriented bait fish, drawing them in for a strike.

A faster retrieve will enhance the action of the lure, making it swim and erratically kick its tail.  I prefer to use this lure when the surface action is slow as the fish may be feeding deep. Cast it out, pause and let it sink, retrieve the lure and hold on!


Note:  Heavier or Larger hooks are recommended for strong current or heavier seas to increase lure stability


Belly/rear:  BKK GT Rex 5/0 trebles
Belly/rear: BKK DEEP 8/0 to 12/0 singles
Belly/rear: combination belly treble with a single tail hook
Orientation:  Horizontal slow/fast sinking (hook dependent)
Action:  Alternating side to side swimming action with retrieve
Length:  10 inches  (255 mm)
Average weight:  6.5 to 7 ounces  (185-190 grams)
Retrieve speed:  Medium to fast
Skill level:  None to moderate


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