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Synit KAHA K2M

AED. 2,990.00


Synit Kaha K2M Spin mid-weight jigging rod.


New from Synit is the Kaha K2M jig rods. The original Kaha range were real powerhouse rods for lifting big fish. These new versions are more subtle, though still noticeably stiffer from the foregrip down, than the Razar range.

What they straight away reminded us of is the original Synit Deepshot series which have been some of all-time favourite jig rods. Graeme from Synit confirmed this, so for anyone that has been hanging out for a new Deepshot, this is the rod! The Kaha II rods come in a Medium PE3-5 and Med Heavy PE4-6 version. They are ideal for Amberjack, Yellowfin and Medium Dogtooth, as well as tuna and other big species.

The Kaha range of jigging rods has been improved by utilizing new carbon materials and Synits new XPT mandrels. The Silver Tex weave has been replaced with a more versatile 12K carbon wrap and Xantu Live Nano Fibre is used in the blanks which brings them into line with the latest and proven Nano Technology you can get. The Kaha K2 lineup is ideal for those looking for a moderate fast action with greater lifting power than a fully parabolic rod. 

Length: 5'6" (167cm)
Rod Weight: 325g
Line Weight: PE3-5
Jig Weight: 150-350

Fight Drag: 4-11Kg
Blank: 1 piece
Packed Length: 167cm
Butt Length: 70cm