Takamitechnos MOZ 622-HM

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Full handmade rod which Mr. Uehara of Takami Technos presides handmade one by one.
The slow pitch was fishing using the repulsion by the high resilient carbon rod of the tubularer, after hanging the fish, straight pumping was the basic. In order to specialize in manipulating the jig, there was only a pole that can not be bent with a fish hung.
Takami Technos launches a completely new genre's slow pitch rod MOZ "Mos".
Succeeded to achieve high strength, high elasticity, stickiness at the same time by cutting full solid carbon blanks, not a tubular, successfully developed a bending rod.
There are 12 kinds of large taper (LM / HM) with 6 types each.
LM is a slow taper, you can enjoy full jigging from tip to rod end.
Recommended for those who prefer the basic of slow pitch, with a soft jerk and a fall effect.
In the feeling of use by the AJ store manager, the vertical premise is "No. 1" in the nearby sea "around 100 g - 150 g", "2" in "150 g - 250 g", "3" in the "200 - 300 - g" It felt good.
HM is the first taper from LM, recommended from those who prefer bowls from the tip and prefer a good tempo fishing.
You can enjoy the slow pitch with one pitch, early jerk, butterfly easier.
Because it is finished with more elasticity than LM, I am good at fishing engraved with slow pitch and jerk with high pitch.
In the feeling of use by the AJ store manager, I felt that "No. 1" in "about 100 g - 200 g", "2" in "about 200 g - 300 g", "3" in just about "250 g - 350 g" .
LM hangs fish, bends, gathers and enjoys vent curve. After hanging fish, HM is finished in a taper that can be bent and floated from the bat.
Reel seat reel seat / bait bait
Length Length / 6.2 ft (1.89 mm)
Color color / LM: silver silver HM: gold gold
Tackle system tackle system / ~ 45 lb


Spin/Conventional Length Color System Jig Weight (Slow) Jig Weight (High)
MOZ622-HM Bait 6.2' Gold 45lb 200g 100g


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