Takamitechnos Ropera Jigging Hook

AED. 37.00
Takamitechnos is a small rod builder in Osaka. The headman Takami is a very skilled angler.
  • medium shank
  • curved point
Available in size 1/0 and 2/0 ...  Size 1/0 is about Decoy Pike 1/0. Size 2/0 is about Decoy Pike 2/0. The shank is pretty long and the gap is wide, so that the bent curve is a little steep. But this hook is medium wire. Size 2/0 is as strong as 3/0 size Pike. Created by the steep bent is all the space for holding the fish. I think this hook holds the fish very very well. He designed the point angle differently in 2 models. Size 1/0 is small in volume so that it’s less likely to be swallowed into fish mouth, he thought. So he opened the point angle a little to catch better. Then anglers need to hook actively. Size 2/0 is bigger in volume and easier to be swallowed, and of course meant to be used on a heavier jig, so he closed the point angle to the eye for better penetration. This guy really planned to design this hook. But there’s more.
  • Size 1/0 ... 6pcs per pack
  • Size 2/0 ... 5pcs per pack

What makes this hook even more unique is the point design. ... review by Japanese Anglers Secrets 

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