Tasline Elite Hollow White 100LB (per meter)

AED. 1.25


Tasline Elite Hollow White is pure 12 strand, with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth.

Our 100m spools are perfect to make your own wind-on leaders, whilst the larger spools are easy to splice for a seamless and knot-free connection with 100% strength, for applications like backing on game reels. This braid is tweaked to optimum performance. Manufactured and tested in small batches, to make sure Tasline Elite Hollow is the best hollow braid available.

Our hollow is a flat braid and this also helps to pack onto the reel flat and avoid line dig in. Measuring was taken across six points on rotation.
We do not recommend Tasline Elite hollow braid on spin reels as this flat line will show a significant line twist.

Technical Specs

  • PE 10
  • DIA 0.530mm
  • Average Breaking Strain 141 lb

Independent tests show with Tasline Elite White you will get the best of both worlds.
Smaller diameters to get more line on your reel and higher breaking strains for those trophy fish.

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