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VARIVAS 10x10 Premium PE (per 100m) PE2

AED. 90.00

A high quality Japanese braid designed to cope with the rigors of vertical jigging but also suitable for general boat fishing. Each 100 metre spool is colour coded in 10 metre sections to allow easy identification of the depth the fish are feeding at and get back to the target depth as quickly as possible. Very handy for working artificials over wrecks as the colour coding helps you pin point when a take may come and saves you from constantly counting.
Made in Japan
Color: Multi color
10x10 Marking System
4 strand braid
100m/Spool, spools are connected so if you order two or more spools (choose 2 or more piece)they will come
# MAX LB. AVE LB. Length (m)
2 28.7 26.8 per 100 (up to 1200)