Yamai SPGT Ringed Singles

AED. 29.00

From Japan, Yamai SPGT Ringed Singles are high quality Single Barbed / Barbless hooks (with rings), and available in 8 different sizes. They are great alternatives to trebles and have been tested on many lures (floating and sinking) with great results. The various sizes and weights will enable a perfect match for most lures. 

These are heavy duty hooks and perfect for big fish on small lures. Each packet contains 2 single hooks Direct from Yamai in Japan, the barbless single hooks are of high quality and are precision made. Barbless are available in 2 sizes, size 40 with a single hook weight of 11.1 grams and size 35 which weighs 8.4 grams.

Yamai SPGT Barbless Sizes 40 and 35 are well suited as an alternative to trebles and match the hook weight of the Owner ST 66 5/0 and 4/0 respectively.   


2pcs per packet.


Made in Japan.

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