Zephyrus Light Jab 28g Slow Fall

AED. 35.00

The Zephyrus LIGHT JAB is a lure projected and designed by hand in Italy with a highly innovative shape, which is made with a particular metal alloy.

The perfect centered balance of the bait gives a unique buoyancy during the sinking and an exceptional stability during the recovery thus allowing the complete customization of the fishing action.

It is mainly indicated for off-shore fishing of pelagic herds when we need to have a slow, linear or jerked recovery action, or slow sinking. The right configuration of hooks or anchors allows us to adapt it optimally even to fast linear recoveries.

Available in the 28 g size that can be used, on medium-low depths, in the search for fish that are usually stationed in the deepest layers of water, maneuvering according to the typical slow pitch action.

Suggested Hooks - double assist at front, and BKK Lone Diablo #1/0 at tail

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